Psychotherapist services in Vienna

Therapy Online in Vienna

Sometimes due to different locations, lockdowns, unexpected restrictions or physical restraints it is not possible for us to meet in my office. Because of this I am conducting professional online consultation at a convenient time for you. In the past year especially I have been working extensively with clients online, and made this a comfortable channel for all participants.
In case you are looking for help, but can not come into my office – let us work out a solution together. Get in touch with me and I will get back to you to speak about our first online session.

Individual Therapy in Vienna

We will make use of talk-therapy to explore your feelings, belief systems and behaviors. A safe space where you can consider your present past or future. The most amazing thing that happens during the therapy process is when clients have different strategies for breaking a deadlock, when during a session the person begins to see that where they find themselves is not a deadlock. That there is a choice and it is varied. The presence of choice gives energy and strength to act, to experiment. This is especially valuable when the world is very unpredictable and rapidly changing, when plans collapse, and it’s not always clear what’s next.

Couple/Family Therapy in Vienna

Couples usually seek professional support for several reasons, such as emotional distance, lack of intimacy, difficulties in communication, and frequent conflicts.
The goal of therapy is to enable partners to build the unique relationship they want for themselves, improve their communication, and provide them with skills that will help them to live a satisfying life, no matter how they define it.
Couples also look for support during the difficult stage of a breakup when they feel that the way they break up makes a difference, especially if other people, such as children, are involved.
Whether you are looking for improvement in your relationship or a healthy closure, couples counseling gives you the opportunity to address difficult issues with an outside and neutral perspective, exploring the underlying emotions until you find your own solution.


An online consultation (or session) takes place via an online video call using Skype, Zoom or Whereby. We get in touch with you before the call, confirm that you are alone, and we start the session. You can imagine it as being a calm conversation with a friend where you feel comfortable to share your thoughts without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.

The sessions happen from the comfort of your own home, car or any place it would be convenient for you to have a one-on-one conversation with me – all you need is a device with a camera and a stable internet connection. Online therapy is convenient, especially during a pandemic or situation, where you can or do not want to get out of your home or comfort zone.

Therapy can be short-term or long-term – it’s a process unique to each client. The number of sessions depends on your situation and the complexity of the issues you want to resolve. I recommend having therapy for at least one month – which shall be enough to start engaging and noticing changes in your feelings and perceptions of the issue at hand. While some clients get to the desired state of their emotional well-being relatively fast, others may need ongoing support for a year or longer.

Studies suggest that online treatment is just as effective as a face-to-face alternative. For instance, a meta-analysis (Barak, Hen, Boniel-Nissim & Shapira, 2008) combining results from 92 scientific studies and 9000 clients compared traditional and internet-based therapy and found no difference in effectiveness. A growing body of research provides support for online practices as a legitimate therapeutic activity.

Each session lasts 50 minutes. In case we realize we need some more time, we will sort it out on the spot. Some of my clients ask right-away for a double-session, especially during couple therapy. This can be useful to work through a specific issue.

Generally I suggest having our sessions once a week or bimonthly. Having said this, it solemnly depends on you and what you feel you need.

Normally each of my clients I work with pays for the sum due at the end of each month. If you are in another country, and we agree on online-therapy, we will work through standard bank transfers. Details I discuss with each client individually via phone and email.

Yes! Many of my online clients do not have the context or surrounding to speak freely using a Laptop. Sitting in your car or walking through a quite park is a common thing and should not be discouraged. Most importantly is: You should feel comfortable to speak and don’t feel any pressure by others.

You can cancel the session up to 48 hours in advance by contacting me.

Yes! The first step is always a first short call to discuss your goals and get to know each other. Just fill out the form to the best you can, and I will get in touch with you soon.