About Me

Anastasia Oflidi

Psychotherapist in training under supervision.

“The pace of modern life is so fast, we often have to live through several crises at the same time. I am sure that each of us has enough internal resources to cope with any difficulties and get answers to the questions that worry us. The main thing is to find and use these resources. Helping you to explore those, is my goal.

There are as many approaches to therapy as there are psychotherapists. Often even the thought of seeking professional help may feel very scary. I believe it is reasonable to imagine therapy to be intimidating, boring or even endless when choosing the wrong therapist. I might be a good therapist, but not necessarily the right one for you. We will feel it both early on.

For this I suggest having an initial session to see how you feel about it and decide later on how and whether to continue.”

About me

My approach

Ever since I was very young, I knew I wanted to get into a career path that would make a difference in people’s life. This calling led me to study Psychotherapy Science at the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. My strength-based approach is rooted in Systemic Family Therapy, which aims at understanding the individual in relationship to others, rather than focusing on problems located within oneself.

Besides my day-to-day therapies with clients in person, I work with couples together through the period of emotional stress fractures and vulnerabilities

By discussing your thoughts and problems with me, you will be able to understand that there is a way out of any difficult situation. I will try to help you find your own approach – even out of a seemingly impossible to solve situation. I will be by your side along the way to provide support and create a nurturing and safe space. The most effective help, in my opinion, consists not in removing problems from a person, but in awakening the forces necessary to overcome these.

What to expect?

We will engage in dialogue, explore new perspectives and identify ways of finding your own solutions. I accompany you to discover your inner ways, and we work together towards reaching your goals.

Experience and Education

Practical Experience

Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für systemische Therapie und systemische Studien (ÖAS)

• Training in Systemic Family Therapy

Ambulanz der Sigmund Freud Privat Universität (SFU Outpatient Clinic) – (6 years)

• Psychotherapist under supervision in clinic, method: Systemic Family Therapy (Russian/English)

• Multiple years of working at the Adult Outpatient at the clinic

• Extensive work experience with clients from different cultural backgrounds and nations

Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital No. 3 in Sochi, Russia – (1 year)

• Diagnostic and psychological assessments of patients

• Individual and in-group therapy



Sigmund Freud Private University, Vienna

• Master Candidate in Psychotherapy Sciences

• Bachelor degree in Psychotherapy Sciences